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This activity takes care of fresh registrations, renewals, changes in registration details; transfer to and from other Employment Exchanges, re-registrations, brought-on live register cases and maintenance of duplicate cards i.e. registration cards received from special cells etc.


Renewal of Registration

This activity takes care of renewal of registrations. The validity of an index card is 3 years from the date of registration. Grace period of 3 months is allowed. The registrants are allowed to renew their registration (in person or by prepaid post) on any working day during the period of three months of registration namely the month in which renewal falls due and following two months. During this time the index card is kept in the live register. A person coming within this 3 month time frame is allowed renewal of his card immediately. All cards are periodically checked and those cards which haven’t been renewed within the period of 3 years and 3 months are moved to the “Dead Register”. The cards are maintained in the “Dead Register” for a period of 2 months and then purged from records. The number of cards so lapsed will be entered in the Running Record.

Renewal may be done by the registrant himself or by an authorized person or via prepaid post. A Log Book is maintained at the Employment Exchange, separately for counter and for postal renewals.


Transfer of Registration

When an applicant informs the Exchange that he is moving to another Exchange area his Index Card is transferred to the Exchange serving his new place of residence under information to him. The Exchange receiving the Index Card thus transferred will register the applicant immediately on a new Index Card as a fresh registration. The year of original seniority is added at the end of the new registration, number as the applicant is eligible to carry with him his original seniority of registration. The new Identity Card is sent to the applicant by post.

The Index Card is filed in the appropriate section of the Live Register behind the cards of applicants registered at the Exchange on the date of his original registration ( i.e. the date from which seniority is to be reckoned ). The name of the Exchange from where the registration was transferred and the date of registration at the Exchange are endorsed in red ink at the top of the Index Card and the remarks column on the X-63 to facilitate filling as well as tracing the X-1.


Miscellaneous Activities related to Registration

1. Postal Registration

The facility of postal registration is made available to all categories of applicants. On receipt of the postal request for registration, the Exchange mails the Card X-1A, X-1B, X-1C or X-1 as appropriate, to the applicant with instructions to send back the filled- in card to the Employment Exchange. On receipt of the filled-in cards, the Employment Exchange registers the applicant the same day and posts the Identity Card to the applicant under a covering letter. A running record of postal registration is be maintained.

2. Repeat Registration

When the same applicant applies for registration more than once in the same month (in case of casual workers), normal registration action is be taken but in order to have separate statistics of repeat registration, the words 'Repeat Regn.' is entered in the 'remarks' column of the X-63.

3. Addition of Qualifications/Experience- Updation of details

After registration, if an applicant requests for addition of qualifications or experience, it is considered as a case of fresh registration, if there is a change in the recommended occupation because of addition of qualifications or experience.

4. Cancellation of Registration

Registration may be cancelled under the following grounds:

  1. Non-renewal of registration- Registration lapses at the end of 3 years and 3 months from the date of registration. Beyond this date, if renewal is not effected registration lapses. Such lapsed cards are retained separately for two months in the 'Dead Register'. The Live Register is purged in the first week of every month. The number of cards so lapsed is entered in the Running Record. If renewal is not affected for these two months then the registration stands cancelled.

  2. Applicants who fail to report consecutively on two occasions against call letters by the Employment Exchange or decline offer of submission three times without satisfactory reasons are asked to explain the reasons of their non- response or refusal by issuing a show-cause notice to them (in X78B). If the explanation given by the applicant is not satisfactory or no reply is received within the time limit prescribed, the registration of the applicant is lapsed.

  3. Applicants who after giving their willingness in writing to be submitted against a vacancy either do not report for interview to the employer or refuse offers of appointment made to them or decline submission against suitable vacancy stated as acceptable at the time of registration, the explanation of the applicants is called on the form X-78. The registration of the applicants is cancelled if no satisfactory reply is received within the time limit prescribed or explanation given by them is not considered satisfactory. Appropriate entries are made in the Index Card of the applicant.


Vacancy Notification & Registration

Under the provisions of the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act 1959, all Act establishments have to compulsorily notify all vacancies to Employment Exchanges before filling them up. Vacancies arising in establishments not coming within the purview of the Act and vacancies arising in the Act establishments but not covered by the Act are also received at the Exchanges, when the employers notify them voluntarily. Vacancies covered by the E.E. (C.N.V) Act, is notified to the Employment Exchanges in form and manner prescribed in the E.E-(C.N.V) Rules, 1960. Vacancies not coming under the purview of the Act may also be notified in the same form, or over telephone, or by personal contact. For all vacancies, whether received from Act establishments or Non- Act establishments, by post, over telephone, or through personal contact an “Order Card” is opened and entries of N.C.O, job specifications and N. I. C-1 etc are made. Vacancy notified is acknowledged on Form X-45.


Miscellaneous Activities related to Vacancy Registration

1. Vacancy Circulation

If an employer, while notifying a demand, desires the distribution of vacancies among more than one geographical area making a reference to other Exchanges necessary the Exchange arranges circulation of vacancy to these exchanges. If the employer’s jurisdiction extends to more than one Exchange area, the Vacancy Exchange circulates the vacancy to other exchanges after ascertaining from the employer. The submissions may be routed through the vacancy exchange or made direct to the employer. In case sufficient numbers of jobseekers are not available for a particular type of vacancy, the vacancy is circulated to local/neighboring/State/Central Employment Exchanges for submitting names.

2. Vacancy Cancellation

Due to one reason or another, the action taken on submitted/selected job seekers may be undone as the vacancy may be cancelled during the course of submission process.

3. Review of the Live Order Register

The Live Order Register is examined daily so that no order card remains unattended and rapid follow-up is assured. If a card has remained on the Live Register for more than three months, and it has not been possible to make submission even after wider circulation (in relevant cases), the Exchange advises the employer (by personal contact, if possible, or by sending a typed letter in form X-68) of the position. The date of issue of X-68 and reply received is entered on the Order Card in the ‘follow-up’ column.


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