Main Functions & Activities

The main function of the Employment Service, Manipur is to render services like registration job-seekers, sponsoring of candidates against notified vacancies of the State Govt., Central Govt. and Private Sectors, Registration Guidance, dissemination of career information with booklets, pamphlets, career talks, information for employment opportunities by publishing employment bulletin, information on training facilities, updation of information of self-employment under Vocational Guidance programme. Reports and Returns collected from all establishments are submitted to Directorate General of Employment & Training, New Delhi under Employment Market Information programme.

The functions performed by the Employment Exchanges are of two types:

Regulatory Functions:
i. Providing employment assistance to unemployed:

Employment Exchange provides employment assistance to the employment-seekers in the district in various ways:

  • By registering the unemployed youth’s names between 10:30 A.M and 4.00 P.M on all working days (except last working day of a month) at DEE

  • By regulating the registrations, through renewals that are made once in three years with a grace period of 3 months on all working days

  • By updating the qualifications, subsequently acquired by the registrants at the request of the applicant and also the primary information given by the registrant also can be changed at the request of the registrant

  • By sponsoring their names to the employers in order of seniority in the ratio of 1:20 in conformity with the conditions of eligibility prescribed by the employer, including the rule of reservation, wherever applicable

  • Unemployed youth are being placed in private sector by identifying the immediate vacancies in private sector and conducting job melas for the benefit of unemployed youth and also providing the necessary training to improve the employability skills of the youth and thereafter placing them in private sector.

ii. Collecting employment market information:

  • Under the Employment Market Information Program the District Employment Exchanges collect the information for every quarter pertaining to number of employees from any Act establishments on compulsory basis and form the non Act establishment on voluntary basis under “the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959”.The information such as occupations and educational qualifications also has to be furnished once in 2 years (Even year by Public Sector and Odd year by Private Sector)

  • The data so received from the employers through the above returns is consolidated and coded and sent to the Directorate and to the DGE&T, New Delhi by the District Employment Exchanges. This data is being used by the planners, policy-makers, guidance-counselors etc.

iii. Enforcing the employment exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) act, 1959:

  • The District Employment Exchange enforces “the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act. 1959” in the territorial jurisdiction of the district. For this purpose inspections of employers’ records are done regularly.

  • Non- rendition of prescribed statistical returns is also considered as an offence and compliance ensured.


Promotional Functions:
i. Providing vocational guidance to youth:

Employment Officer (Vocational guidance) provides vocational guidance and career counseling to the youth who:-

  • Visit the Employment Exchange; and/or who are

  • Studying in the terminal classes of High School, Junior Colleges or I.T.Is.

  • At Employment Exchange, Employment Officer (VG) gives guidance by various methods like Pre-registration Talk, Registration guidance, individual counseling, Group discussion and Review of old cases. The officer also maintains occupational information files, occupational information room and makes case studies of the youth guided.

  • At educational institutions, officer delivers Career Talks, organize Career Corners, conduct Career Exhibitions, and organize Career Conference etc. Through these Group Methods of Guidance, necessary awareness is created among the youth so that they can plan their career well and pursue it as per the existing economic realities and job market trends.

ii. Promoting self- employment and entrepreneurship development:

  • The Vocational Guidance Unit also promotes the concept of self employment among the educated unemployed youth. This is done in the wake of the dwindling number of job opportunities in the organized sector and the increasing steps taken by the Government to liberalize the economy and promote self-enterprise.

  • Information about various self-employment schemes introduced by the Government, for the rehabilitation of the educated unemployed youth is collected and compiled and used for guiding them towards self-employment.

iii. New initiatives:

Under the new initiatives the Employment Exchange is performing the following:

  • Conducting pre-recruitment training for jobs in Army, Navy, Air Force etc.,

  • Adopting High school / Jr. College to provide intensive guidance to the students of terminal classes,



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